A New Day

Hello!  And welcome to sadievail.com!  Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my work and for being patient with me while I add dozens and dozens of pictures and information.  (Wow is it a lot of work.)  Some of you may know me from my previous venture, nerdy nic nacs, and while I still love that name and still have that site up, I am working on transferring all of that information to this new site.  

It occurred to me that nerdy nic nacs was not encompassing everything that do and all that I am interested in doing.  My new site, sadievail.com, will include all of my ventures and will hopefully be a simple way to read about what I offer and my experience. 

I welcome any input you are willing to give and I hope to have the site up and functioning well in the near future! 

Thanks again!